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Codename B.L.I.S.S

(Branded Land Investment Stock Scheme) at Dapoli

Problem Statement

Historically, there has always been limited participation of retail customers in purchasing land as an investment. They perceive land investment as risky owing to various reasons such as the lack of transparency in title deeds, the diversity of ownership, the legality of land use, risk of encroachment etc.

Our Objective

To create a brand promise to make the land investment a lucrative opportunity and also addressing various concerns. Secondly, to create a world-class product at strategic locations where land is currently undervalued. We also strategized to identify the right-sized plots to maximize the value and aim to create a proprietary first-of-its-kind tech platform to democratize ownership, management and trading of and assets.

The Insight

In the past, many investors have experienced tremendous gains by investing in land.. There has always been an unstated large affinity to land as an asset class. Most investors have reaped profits from visionary or serendipitous identification of future-value land at extremely throwaway prices at an aggregated level. The insight was to tap into this innate Indian affinity towards land by minimizing the downside associated with land buying to enable retail customers to participate.

The Solution

We positioned the star features of the project along with the promise of transparency. The project was established as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that would mirror the growth of Alibaug. To mitigate the risks perceived by retail customers, Branded Land as a concept was introduced in India for the first time. Codename B.L.I.S.S was the country’s first truly democratized land buying opportunity at a strategic location with tremendous potential of high-paced appreciation. It was a world-class product with state-of-the-art amenities to let landowners sit back, soak in the views and see their investment grow at a market-beating rate.

The Approach

  • Established Branded Land as a new category in Real Estate
  • Planned pre-Launch of the project with a 100% digital distribution strategy to enable mass-scale participation
  • Multi-staged approach by delinking the applications and the allotments
  • An aggressive and impactful digital performance campaign

The Xanadu Impact

Created demand for land investment among retail customers during the nationwide lockdown phase of 2020 when customer sentiment was prudent.

Created a never heard of demand for Branded Plotted Land with the total plots being oversubscribed by 2.5 times.

Created India’s first digital land buying opportunity

Curated the product and the right SKUs to democratize land buying

900+ retail customers participated in the pre-launch from India and overseas, resulting in applications of 1,400+ plots

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