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Life At Xanadu

At Xanadu each success is by design. Our tailor-made strategy is a result of research, business insights and experience. No matter what the problem, the solution is always tailor-made to meet the exact business need, creating a high-performance environment inside out.

Unveiling the Magic of Diwali Celebration!

As the radiant festival of Diwali illuminates our lives, it’s a moment to contemplate the brilliance of collective enthusiasm and the beauty of unity within our professional family, reminiscent of the guiding light of Lord Rama. 🌟

Happy Diwali! 🪔

#InspiringMomentum #HappyDiwali

Relive the energy of IWTA 2023🌟

A dynamic blend of fresh ideas, emerging leaders, and endless joy. From innovative discussions to spirited dance and drama, it was a getaway filled with inspiration.

#IWTA2023 #InspiringMomentum

Dazzling Navratri Delight Lights Up the Celebration!

As the vibrant festival of Navratri dawns upon us, it’s a time to reflect on the power of collective energy and the beauty of unity within our organizations, reminiscent of the nine divine forms of Goddess Durga.🌟

As we rejoice in the triumph of good over evil, let us acknowledge the incredible strength and passion of our teams, which form the very foundation of our success. Just as each form of Maa Durga signifies different attributes, our diverse talents and skills come together to create an unstoppable force.

Happy Navratri! 🌺

#InspiringMomentum #Showreel

Ganesh Chaturthi Galore

As Lord Ganpati graces our homes with His divine presence, it’s a reminder of the incredible power of people within our organizations. Just as Lord Ganesha symbolizes the remover of obstacles, our dedicated teams and individuals are the driving force behind every new start and endeavor.

🌟 Embrace the blessings of Ganpati Bappa and recognize that it’s the collective spirit and collaboration of people in our organization that paves the way for success, growth, and innovation. Together, we can overcome challenges and reach new heights.

🙏 Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 🐘

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Happy Independence Day

On this #IndependenceDay, let us stand united in the glow of liberty, celebrating the rich tapestry of our nation’s history and embracing the boundless promise of our shared future.

#InspiringMomentum #LifeatXanadu

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Dream, Dare, Drive, Dominate!

The Xanadu way – ‘Dream, Dare, Drive, Dominate!’ – resonated powerfully during an inspiring breakfast session with Vikas Chaturvedi (CEO, Xanadu Group) this May. This remarkable event marked the fourth instalment of the ‘Breakfast with CEO’ series, uniting all Xanaduites across MMR, Pune, and Bengaluru. Vikas astounded the audience with insights into the phenomenal performance of FY 22-23 and unveiled ambitious goals for the upcoming year.

#InspiringMomentum #LifeatXanadu

130 Management Trainees Launch their careers at Xanadu

On 9th January 2023, 130 Management Trainees will launch their careers at Xanadu via our Sales Program for Accelerated RE Careers in Xanadu (SPARCX).

All this… because we are growing from strength to strength, and every victory we celebrate here on, will be more the merrier.

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Xanaduites Speak about Life@Xanadu!

It’s our second family, a vibe, a juggernaut and an ecosystem that encourages bold decision-makers and creates leaders with an accelerated learning curve across verticals and categories.

#InspiringMomentum #Life@Xanadu

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A glimpse of I.W.T.A.2022

Ideas Worth Talking About’ is the time when we say no idea is worth being bottled up! And what better way to think out of the box than getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city and coming together in the lap of nature!

Camaraderie, friendships, loyalty, strong bonds, and collaboration are integral to Life @ Xanadu.

We look forward to welcoming you to the next one in April!

#InspiringMomentum #Life@Xanadu

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Happy Children’s Day!

On the occasion of children’s day, we asked our employees to submit photos of their children, or of themselves when they were children, and we put these all together, as part of our children’s day celebration at the workplace.

So, from all of us to you… Happy Children’s Day!

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A beautiful sight is the festival of lights!

From the rangoli that welcomed employees, to the dias that lit the corridors, and the cheer that filled the air… our Diwali celebration was more than just happy, it epitomized Life@Xanadu as lively and vibrant.

All together, we had a wonderful time, and we hope you had a wonderful Diwali too.

#HappyDiwali #inspiringmomentum

Codename Happiness presents our first-ever IPL Fantasy League Winners!

We work hard and play hard…

That’s Life at Xanadu and our Codename Happiness initiative in action. Presenting the winners of our very first

IPL Fantasy League, the captains of the Top 3 teams with their trophies.

Presenting, the winners of Navratri Fiesta at Xanadu!

When work life is so interesting, you love to dress up and come to work during Navratri and get rewarded too… that’s LifeAtXanadu!

Navratri Celebration

Our Navratri Celebration was a reflection of the flying colours we come through for our clients.
That’s how #LifeAtXanadu is… fun, vibrant & energetic, which exudes from our dedicated work to the colours we wear and our smiles.
We can’t wait for you to join us for the next one!

Onam Celebration 2022

Nothing brings out the sweetness of Onam like dressing up like appam, all white with that traditional golden-brown finish… so here’s sharing some of our joy on the occasion of Onam2022, because happiness shared is happiness multiplied.

‘IMAGINE’ 2022 - Bangalore Edition


Nothing says family like coming together at breakfast, nourishing ourselves before going out to conquer our day, and that’s very much how our “Breakfast with CEO” Mr. Vikas Chaturvedi was in Bangalore. So, after Mumbai and Pune, it was Bangalore’s turn to host Imagine 2022 on 5th Sept. 2022.

The event earmarked another shining moment in Xanadu’s history, where we all came together proudly to look at the distance travelled and imagine all the possibilities ahead,
that encouraged the whole team to step into the future with a giant leap of faith.

CFO Appointment

Mr. K. N. Swaminathan Appointed As Chief Financial Officer

We are excited to announce that Mr. K. N. Swaminathan has joined us as the Chief Financial Officer, ‘Swami’ as he is fondly known at Xanadu is an industry veteran with over 33 years of experience across large entities. He has deep-rooted experience in taking companies to the public markets with careful attention to detail and diligence.

Travelling has always been something that he enjoys thoroughly and visiting his hometown Kolkata & reconnecting with his childhood friends, is always on his quarterly to-do list! To keep himself active, he enjoys playing cricket and badminton and takes keen interest in other sports as well.

Of late, he has developed interests in music and plays Cajon at his leisure time, besides taking part in spiritual activities and reading books. We are looking forward to his guidance and financial leadership in our next phase of growth!

‘IMAGINE’ 2022 - Pune Edition


After our impactful coming together in Mumbai, we carried the baton ahead to our Pune team. Here are some glimpses from Breakfast with our CEO, Mr. Vikas Chaturvedi in Pune.

Pune started last year with a vision to strive the city with a performance never seen before. We have stood by our promises made for the city. Here is to more achievements in the coming years.

‘IMAGINE’ 2022 - Mumbai Edition


Breakfast with our CEO, Mr. Vikas Chaturvedi – where we reflected, rejoiced and imagined the possibilities together!
We have taken large strides towards our ambition during some of the most challenging times in the last few years and have emerged as the leading growth experts in real estate space.

Xanaduites, it’s time to take the next leap!

HDFC, HDFC Life insurance acquires stake in Xanadu Realty

Xanadu is honoured to receive a strategic investment from HDFC Ltd., India’s largest private sector mortgage lender, and it’s subsidiary HDFC Life. This investment is a validation of our differentiated approach to transform the real estate space with cutting edge technology solutions. This strategic partnership will go a long way in unlocking exponential potential for the Indian Real Estate sector at large.


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