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Project name

Project Name

Codename Capital City Kharghar

Problem Statement

  • Create a turn-around strategy for a slow churning development (previously known as Adhiraj Samyama)
  • Transform new demography into potential customers.

Our Mission

  • To rejuvenate the development brand which had faded in the market and in turn create salience and impact to drive business results in a finite time

The Insight

  • A critical analysis of the market and consumer revealed a need to instigate home buying among the millennials. With a credible brand positioning that guaranteed an upgraded lifestyle and high returns, this project aimed at encouraging millennials to utilize their disposable income optimally. Owning a home in India is a matter of prestige, and if one is able to do it at a young age, it becomes even more profound. At that point, there was an absence of an international lifestyle destination that was affordable to millennials and that was the need gap that was addressed by the brand. The intent was just not deliver on medium term results but to create a long-term solution for sustained sales momentum for the project.

The Solution

Xanadu created a 2-pronged concept targeting a comprehensive transformation of the development and immediate locality and the entirety of Navi Mumbai.

Kharghar Rising:

We elevated the location to a destination worthy of capital. For the first time, Navi Mumbai’s 8 mega-projects were showcased in the light of Kharghar. Each mega-project is a government-driven initiative that can directly be responsible for the transformation of any location, but the power of 8 mega-projects made Kharghar a worthy capital.

Capital City Kharghar:

We created Navi Mumbai’s first international lifestyle destination. We elevated the current product using international brand alliances and the visual lifestyle quotient by focusing on the lifestyle destination.

With both the above concepts working in parallels, the Kharghar market emerged as a lucrative market. By combining the power of Kharghar Rising with the lifestyle destination, Xanadu created 5-pillars as the foundation of the development’s new face. Adhiraj Codename Capital City Kharghar elevated all five dimensions of Navi Mumbai’s capital, Kharghar – taking its rightful place at the pedestal.

The Approach

  • Created a new location vision: Xanadu’s theory was to transform the outlook of Kharghar first. Hence, #KhargharRising was the first step to a new beginning for the entire Navi Mumbai real estate. By articulating the mega-projects’ value to the right target audience and business partners to build momentum towards the launch.
  • Prove the mettle behind the potential: Navi Mumbai as a destination was known to consumers of real estate, but it was essential to prove the numbers and the potential with transformative data and establish Kharghar as the Investment Capital of MMR for the next 5-10 years.
  • Create an enormous easy-to-buy pre-launch opportunity: Xanadu introduced Navi Mumbai’s first IPO-styled real estate pre-launch. An initial public offering of a new development brand captured Navi Mumbai’s imagination as the city had never-seen-before application style real estate buy.
  • Pre-launch a new development brand: Xanadu launched a new face to the development, a new brand – Adhiraj Codename Capital City Kharghar. It was positioned as Navi Mumbai’s first international lifestyle destination, and it instantly connected the development to Kharghar, the capital of Navi Mumbai and the centre of Navi Mumbai real estate.
  • An extensive campaign for Navi Mumbai: ‘Freeze spending till January’ campaign was launched in December to signify a grand opportunity’s imminent arrival.
  • An intense media release: Organized Navi Mumbai’s most prominent business partner meet with 1000+ channel partners in attendance.
  • The right inventory at the perceived right price: Two new towers launched with smaller sized 2,3 BHKs, but more ingenious layouts made it easy to own for customers.
  • Extensive direct outreach: 65000+ customers reached and 5.5CR+ impressions via digital outreach & consistent reach across print and billboard medium across target micro-markets.

The Xanadu Impact

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