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Ruparel Maximum Mumbai

Problem Statement

Launched in 2017, the project was experiencing a slow-down in sales cycle due to dampening market conditions and new projects launching in the micro-market.

Our Objective

To create a platform for Ruparel Realty that quickly connects with typical home-buyer of Mumbai and elevating the product to derive maximum value for customers.

The Insight

A typical Mumbaikar dreams of a home that provides stability and freedom to live life on own terms. Many developers offer homes for a luxurious lifestyle, but that is mostly way out of the budget of average Mumbaikars. With finance as a constraint, one is either forced to live in a home deprived of the desired lifestyle amenities or move out of the city, increasing the travel time. With the limited options in Mumbai, compromise is the only way ahead for the city’s home-buyers.

The Approach

Xanadu packaged the project’s facilities that matched the aspirations of Mumbaikars to send out a clear message. The package was an irritable deal that promised to bring together 3 aspects that each Mumbaikar desires but assumes will never get:

  • In-City Prime Location
  • Upgraded lifestyle
  • Accessible Prices
  • This led to shaping a new sub-brand within the Ruparel umbrella, a brand every Mumbaikar could connect with. Also, a brand that they could trust to provide them with their dream home! The iconic brand Maximum Mumbai paved the road to success not just for the first launch in Western Suburbs but also in other in-city projects.

The Xanadu Impact

A brand for people: We birthed a new sub-brand for the firm that successfully lived up to the expectations of the right target audience.

INR 300 cr. delivered in just 2 weeks

Successful Brand extensions in other MMR micro-markets

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