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Vikas Chaturvedi

Chief Executive Officer

As a part of the founding team at Xanadu, Vikas is accredited with carving a bespoke best in class real estate team with a matchless culture that blends a high achievement success-drive with a distinct people-first philosophy. Before assuming the position of CEO, he held the post of Director at Xanadu. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Microbiology and Chemistry before pursuing his MBA-Marketing from the renowned FMS MDS University, Rajasthan. He enjoys a consummate knowledge base of over two decades in diverse sectors. He has over fifteen years of solid experience in FMCG sales and marketing in the Middle-east and India across companies like Cadbury, P&G, Reckitt-Benckiser and Marico before returning to India to lead the sales division at Lodha Group, the real estate giants. He is undoubtedly one of the most proficient leaders in the realty sector.

  15 years of solid experience in FMCG sales